Who are we?

Milan Headshot.png

Milan KarunaratNe, MS, MBA

Managing Director

Milan has spent more than a decade working for a Fortune 100 company in the transportation industry developing substantial experience in AI, data analytics and new product development. Currently, Milan runs an Applied Innovation team that he founded under the corporate Strategic Initiatives arm focused around driving disruptive innovation and business development via new digital technologies and intelligent solutions. Milan has extensive skills as an innovator and strategist that drives value across an organization.

Nick Headshot.png

Nick Talone, MBA

Managing Director

Nick has spent more than 12 years healthcare technology. Nick began is career at Cerner Corporation, the world’s largest healthcare technology company. In his time at Cerner, he worked in consulting, implementation, project management, and sales. Nick later moved to a Boston-based startup organization focus on patient access and marketing for health systems. Nick has extensive experience in healthcare operations, software deployment, sales, business development, and strategy.